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Thousands of cubic meters of storm water contaminated with oil and heavy metals flow straight into cities' storm water chambers in conjunction with rain and snowmelt from roads, car parks and other paved surfaces. Uponor works with this challenge as part of the work for a sustainable future. We offer solutions for contaminated storm water that removes both heavy metal and oil.
Uponor Rain Garden

Unique storm water solution with high cleaning effect and optimal delay properties

Rainwater that falls on streets and squares is rapidly flushed into chambers and then further into lakes and seas. Studies show that contaminated water has a major negative impact on the environment. Uponor Infra's new rain bed is a simple solution that delay and clean storm water before it reaches watercourses.


Uponor Rain bed is a modular solution with high cleaning effect and optimized delay properties, easy to dimension and install. Your needs determine the number of modules. One module handle about 10 mm of rain at 3650 square meters.


The solution is very durable and is suitable for storm water handling on big hard surface areas, such as parking lots and squares. The modules can be installed buried or above ground, e.g. as drainage at house foundations. Thanks to a lightweight construction, it is also possible to install in roof gardens.


A well-built rain bed cleans rainwater from oils, heavy metals and various nutrients.


Streets and squares can often be seen as junk. With a rain bed, maintenance is simplified, since debris flows with rainwater and accumulates in the bed. The cleaning is simplified and the ground area gives a more pleasant impression.

Water that flows into the bed is filtered through a substrate. If necessary, replace the substrate easily.

Complete solution

Uponor Infras rainbeds are sold as separate modules or as a complete solution, including substrates and plants. Contact us for more information.

Uponor Smart Trap

Uponor Smart Trap

Saving both the environment and the costs

As the number of hard surfaces, such as roofs, roads and parking lots, expand every day, the amount of storm water that needs to be taken care of increases. In addition, rainfalls seems to increase and change shape. Heavy rain is becoming more common. Some areas in the Nordic region have had a couple of 100-years rainfalls during the past 10 years. But it is not just the amount of water that increases. The water also brings lots of polluted sediments, for example traffic, building materials and roofs. It is therefore important that we do what we can to clean the water and collect the sand.

Today's sand trap chambers do well at low flows, but during heavy rainfalls a large amount of collected sediment is likely to rinse out of the chamber again. There has not been any optimal solution. Until now. Uponor Smart Trap solves the problem.

University studies show that a large amount of heavy metals are particle-bound and stuck in day-to-day sediment, and if you take care of the water sediment, you will protect the environment at the same time. With Uponor Smart Trap you collect 100 % more sediment than with traditional sand trap chambers.

We offer a complete chamber or a renovation module that can be installed into existing chambers.

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Uponor Filter Chamber

Collection of heavy metals and oils

Uponor filter chamber is a complete manhole (dim. 1000 mm) with a high efficiency modular filter. The filter reduces metal ions by 95% up to an area of 1000 m², or a busy traffic area with up to 15,000 cars per day. In addition, the chamber can collect about 30 liters of oil. With new filters the chamber can handle a flow of 12 liters / second