Imeytysjärjestelmät ovat tehokas ratkaisu hulevesien syntypaikalla tapahtuvaan imeytykseen.


An environmentally friendly and efficient way to handle storm water

Infiltration systems are an efficient solution for absorbing storm water where it originates. Storm water cassettes, suitable for large sites, and storm water tunnels for smaller sites.

Uponor storm water cassettes are ready-to-install modules. The cassette system can be inspected and maintained using an inspection cassette installed on the lowest floor. Storm water cassettes can be installed top of each other on 10 layers and at depths of up to 5 metres.

Cassettes coated with welded PE film can be used to delay storm water. If required, Weholite tanks can be used as retention tanks – these are tailor-made for each site and can be equipped with voiding pumps if required.

Storm water infiltration are typically used in commercial centres, car parks and traffic areas, terminals and depots. The structure of the cassettes enables flexible installation in accordance with the available space. There are several options for connecting the cassettes to stormwater pipes. Storm water cassettes are always designed specifically for each project. The material is polypropylene (PP).

The Uponor storm water tunnel is suitable for storing and infiltrating storm water on small sites, such as single-family homes. The material is polypropylene (PP). Connection sizes are 110–315. Also see our drainage solutions.


A simpler solution for infiltration

Uponor IQ storm water tunnel is a simple system to take care of rainwater locally, designed for use in rural areas or on private land. The tunnel is easy to clean and inspect, it also has low weight and is logistically advantageous. The storm water tunnel is placed in the green square or under the garage uphill with a minimum coverage of 0.5 m.


Storm water cassette

Uponor IQ storm water cassette is available as a traditional cassette or as inspectable with a built-in inspection channels with a diameter of 160 mm (camera inspection). Compared to the old stone the cassettes have a collection volume, which is about 3 times bigger. The storm water cassettes can be placed in in low-traffic areas, e.g. parking slots, but with a ground clearance of at least 0.8 m.


Think outside the box!

The most brilliant solutions are often simple – when the idea is showing up

Everything seems so obvious. Traditional infiltration systems like stone coffins and cassettes have been doing the work so far but these have some limitations.
Our newest solution is almost ridiculously uncomplicated; Uponor IQ infiltration – a pipe with with punched holes along the side. However, the capacity is far from foolish. The construction is very stable and adapted to stand pallet under toughest possible conditions. The pipes can also be laid shallow, which contains better conditions for both infiltration and cleaning. Everything is optimized for better security, durability and security – it is easy to both inspect and clean. In addition, the installation only requires a layer of geotextile, which reduces the impact on the environment. The infiltration pipes can be placed in low-traffic areas, e.g. parking slots, but with a ground clearance of at least 0.6 m and in the green area or during the garage uphill with a ground clearance of at least 0.3 m.