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Flow regulation

Flow regulation

Sometimes the municipal network does not manage to accommodate large water flows. An alternative for slowing the flow of storm water is to install flow control, a reliable solution for, e.g. viaducts and level crossings which are particularly sensitive to large water flows which the municipal network is sometimes unable to accommodate.

With a flow regulator you can control the flow from 1 litre/second to 1000 litres/second. Flow regulators are positioned in different ways:

Before attenuation tank
After attenuation tank
Simpler flow regulators

Uponors storm water flow control solutions are customised. We know that one of your major challenges is future inspection which is why we are particularly careful to draw up solutions with requirements for favourable conditions for future maintenance.

Uponor produces various special solutions and works together with the most experienced flow regulator manufacturers on the market to ensure long-term collaboration and a high level of service.