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Structurally sound Large Diameter HDPE pipe

The lightweight pipe that takes a heavier load.

Weholite pipe is a large diameter, profile wall pipe made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin, which is manufactured to ASTM F-894. Designed for gravity and low-pressure applications, Weholite's raw material properties have been combined with patented structural wall technology to create a lightweight engineered pipe with superior loading capacity. 

Lighter. Stronger. Chemical Resistant.

Weholite pipe is much lighter than similarly sized concrete pipe. Combine this with longer manufacturing lengths and Weholite allows for significant savings in labour, equipment, installation and shipping and handling. This ultimately leads to a much affordable Life Cycle Cost of any of the Weholite HDPE products by Uponor Infra. 

Easier to Transport. Easier to Install. Reliable Joints. 

Weholite pipe is much easier to handle and install than heavier, rigid concrete or metallic pipe. This means potential cost savings during the construction process. Weholite offers a variety of joining methods that meet or exceed your project's tightness requirements. Field fusion welding, Weholite Coupling Bands and Threaded Joints each meet the unique demands for the wide range of applications for which they are designed.

Cost Effective. Permanent.

Weholite pipe offers distinct chemical and physical advantages over FRP, concrete and cast or ductile iron pipe. It can be field bent to a radius 200 times the nominal pipe diameter eliminating many fittings required for directional changes in piping systems made from other materials. In addition, the flexibility of Weholite pipe makes it well suited for dynamic soils and areas prone to earthquakes. 

Weholite is cost effective in both short and long term. The fact that it utilizes reliable joining methods means years of maintenance free use. The Plastics Pipe Institute conservatively estimates the service life for HDPE pipe to be 100 years.

Weholite Applications

Culvert Reline

A structural pipe for drainage and roads

Uponor Infra provides Weholite drainage systems for virtually any requirement in civil construction including: culverts, culvert relining and drainage pipe for storm water drains, roadways and railroads. Weholite pipe has enhanced hydraulic flow and unparalleled chemical and abrasion resistance when measured against other materials. It is unbeatable when it comes to flexibility in unstable ground conditions.


The ideal solution for irrigation

Weholite HDPE pipe has proven to be an ideal solution in irrigation and low pressure water conveyance applications including: river and canal diversion, agricultural irrigation systems, underground irrigation systems, irrigation pipelines, water conservation and safety. The properties of Weholite including strength and durability ensure that an irrigation system will withstand the test of time.


An ideal solution for hydroelectric applications

Large diameter profile wall Weholite pipe is an ideal solution for hydroelectric applications such as turbine feed water supply and water diversion. It is lightweight, which makes transportation and installation easier. The flexibility of the pipe allows for large radius bends, which is important for water diversion where the terrain may control the area of installation. 

Other successful applications of Uponor's Weholite include:

  • Other Applications:

    Gravity sewers
    Municipal Low Pressure Projects
    Sanitary Sewers
    Storage Tanks
    Storm Drains & Sewers
    Water Intakes
    Water Outfalls

Weholite: The Focus on Fabrication

The Weholite Advantage: 

  • Lightweight
  • Impact Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Fatique Resistant
  • Reliable Joints
  • Flexible 
  • 100 Year Design Life
  • ph Inert