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Insulated sewer

Insulated sewer

Efficient protection against cold in the water – and sewage pipes

Ground-based installations and water and drainage pipes to be installed above the rocket rail require extra protection against freezing. The Wehoarctic piping system is made of PE, PP and PVC flow pipes. One or more cable profiles can be installed on the outer surface of the flow pipe, so that the elements can be equipped with auxiliary heating. In addition to the pipes, the system includes angles, branches, contractions, wells, valves and fittings. Polyethylene Wehoarctic tubes can be installed either in the ground or in the air. Galvanized Wehoarctic tubes are intended for air installations only. As a special application, the pipes can be manufactured using PVC, PP, GRP or PVDF flow pipes and an acid-proof spiro or steel shell.

Advantages of PUR water – and sewage pipes

PUR insulation lhas ow k-value, mechanical strength and fast-fitting structure
The insulation makes it possible to mount the support from the pebble pipe to get rid of cold bridges and possible leakage points
Air-mounted elements can also be supplied with a galvanized or painted spiro protective shell, where the element blends well into the environment
Using a self-adjusting cable does not pose a risk of overheating as the power of the cable is adjusted to suit the pipe temperature