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HDPE pressure pipe for potable water applications

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) solid wall pipe has been used in potable water applications since the 60’s. It is now the fastest growing material used for water transportation due to its unique properties. It is proven to be leak-proof, lightweight and flexible, corrosion and chemical resistant and most importantly cost effective and permanent. Uponor Infra manufactures Sclairpipe® systems for new water main installations and to rehabilitate existing systems made from other materials.

Sclairpipe, made from high quality HDPE, has distinct advantages over traditional pipe materials used for potable water delivery. It is easy to handle, lightweight and can be delivered to the site in long runs to cut down on jointing time. It can be thermal fused to reduce overall installation time and ensure a leak proof system. Leak proof joints also eliminate infiltration and exfiltration problems experienced with other pipe joining methods. Since fused joints are self-restraining, costly thrust restraints or thrust blocks are not required.  

HDPE pipe has enhanced hydraulic flow and unparalleled chemical and abrasion resistance when measured against other materials. It is also unbeatable when it comes to its ability to flex according to different ground loading. The flexibility of HDPE pipe makes it well suited for dynamic soils and areas prone to earthquake.  

In addition, Sclairpipe for water distribution applications can accept repetitive pressure surges that far exceed the static pressure rating of the pipe.