Gas pipes

Durable pipe systems for the transport of gas and biogas

Uponor polyethylene pipes are used for transport and local distribution of natural gas and to collect biogas in landfills. The pipes are typically installed underground or in water. The selection includes a PE gas pipe and the Profuse RC, which has a protective outer layer of PP plastic to shield the PE100 RC gas pipe from dents and scratches. Beneath the protective shell, the pipe is protected from oxygen, which is why the pipe typically does not need to be planed after the protective shell is stripped. The PE gas pipe is black with yellow stripes, the Profuse RC is yellow with grey stripes. Gas pipes are available in sizes 32-400 mm, pressure class PN 8.

PEM (PE80)

Uponor drink water system PE80 is developed for the purpose of transporting drinking water, wastse water and gas. The yellow pipe scar for transporting gas. The ystem is produced of polyethelen, a very flexible plastic material that is simple to work with. The material is impact resistant even in a low temperatur. Uponor drinking water system PE80 has high rupture strength and handles hard mechanical impact. This makes the system resistant to pressure shocks and pressure fluctuations and and it can take up big settlements, Pe80 – system has high corrosion security and has good resistance against most lösningsmedel, syror, bases and oils.

Uponor PE80 drinking water system is produced in the diemensions 16 to Ø 110 mm and in pressure glasses PN 12,5.

Profuse RC (PE100 RC)

The pressurised pipe system is used to transport potable water, wastewater, gas and various process fluids. Yellow pipes are used for gas.

components are manufactured from black PE100 RC polyethylene, which is coated with a protective polypropylene (PP) layer during the production. The colour of the protective layer depends on the use of the pipe. All of the pipes have grey stripes to facilitate identification. pipes are jointed primarily by electrofusion or butt welding, but mechanical coupling can also be used. The protective layer must always be removed when joints are made by electrofusion or with mechanical coupling. Welded connections between Profuse pipes have good tensile strength.

PEH (PE100)

The Uponor PE pressurised pipe system's size selection ranges from small building pipelines to infrastructure pipes with a diameter of 1,600 mm. The pipes are delivered in coils or as straight lengths in bundles. The raw material used for the PE 100 pipes is high-density polyethylene (PEH). The PE gas pipe is available in black with yellow stripes.

  • Safe material: no hazardous or flavour-imparting substances
  • The pipes are available in sizes 32 mm to 400 mm, pressure class PN 8. Larger pipe sizes are manufactured on request.
  • ø 160 mm pipes are also available on a coil
Welding machines

Uponor electro fusion machines can be operated with a manual time setting or a barcode reader or they can be switched to fully automatic mode. Our rental devices and equipment are always well maintained and in proper working order. Customised long-term contracts can be negotiated as necessary. Contracts can also be expanded to include welding services or eventual training in addition to machines and devices.

Hürner WhiteLine HST 300 2.0

The German-made Hürner is a reliable and robust automatic electro fusion machine. It can weld all kinds of commercial fittings ranging from the smallest sizes all the way up to 1,200 mm. The machine can register the welder's identity, what they welded, and when and how they welded it, and the Hürner HST 300 Print + GPS can even determine where it happened – the coordinates of the welded joints are logged to a high level of precision. Outside temperatures are not an obstacle: the Hürner welding machine can operate at temperatures as low as -20°C.

PT butt welding machines

Hydraulically operated PT butt welding machines for pipes and connections made from PE, PP, PVDF and other thermoplastics. The development of the machines has benefited from the company's decades of experience in plastics welding and the demands of their knowledgeable clientele. The PT machine series is designed specifically for field work. The hydraulically operated machines can also be equipped with a separate SDS reporting unit. The unit stores all the information obtained from the welding work.

Automatic ABF butt welding machines

ABF butt welding machines are suitable for pipes made from PE, PP, PVDF and other thermoplastics. ABF machines follow an automated welding process. The entire welding process and the necessary welding parameters have been stored in machine's memory. The user monitors the machine and acts in accordance with its instructions. The automatic control system monitors the work, and if the next action in the program is not executed, the machine interrupts the welding process. All procedures and welding parameters get stored in the machine's memory. The stored data can be printed on paper or into a file.

ProShop rental

A ProShop rental includes all equipment needed for welding. In addition to the welding machines and devices, the program is able to provide welding services in electro fusion, butt and extrusion welding. Our rental devices and equipment are always well maintained and in proper working order. Customised long-term contracts can be negotiated as necessary. Contracts can also be expanded to include welding services or eventual training in addition to machines and devices.

Why does it make sense to train welders?

  • The welding of plastic pipes requires specific expertise
  • Leaky connections are the most common flaws in plastic pipe systems
  • The prevention of connection leaks requires proper training and the right attitude
  • Joint failure can cause thousands, even hundreds of thousands of euros worth of damage.
  • A well-trained plastic pipe welder knows how to avoid the most common installation errors
  • Certified welders are the hallmark of any company dedicated to high quality and skilful work
  • A list of certified welders and companies is available from Inspecta Certification.

In cooperation with the industry's key business and educational organizations, the Finnish Plastics Industries Federation and Inspecta Certification have developed a quality control system for plastic pipe welding.