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Industrial piping

Process fluids are at the core of many industrial companies’ operations. Everything from food process fluids and clean water to chemicals and highly abrasive substances pass the pipelines and safety margins are of very high importance. Uponor provide industrial process fluids solutions for all kind of industries:

  • Paper & pulp mills
  • Refineries (all types)
  • Power plants
  • Hydro power plants
  • Desalination plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Mining sector

We have more than 60 years of experience in pipelines, tanks, culverts, firefighting systems, ventilation and marine intakes and outfalls - optimized solutions that are fit for purpose and tailored to even the most challenging conditions. We have a broad product range and unique possibilities of tailoring solutions according customer needs.

Our 360° Project Services team offer easy to work with partnership with one contact throughout the entire project. For your convenience, highest quality and optimal cost efficiency, we communicate through one contact person, with overall responsibility, through the whole project. A project manager that takes care of everything, from contacts and deadlines to analyses and evaluations, throughout the project.

360° Project Services offer:

  • Engineering of fit for purpose solutions
    • Dimensioning and Case studies
    • Calculations and simulations
    • Design and drawings
    • Method statements
  • Total pipe delivery incl. prefabricated products according to customer needs
  • Technical support throughout the whole project
  • On-Site installation and welding services
  • On-Site supervision
  • Turnkey solutions for total piping project incl. all above with highly specialized team
  • Easy to work with partnership with one contact throughout the entire project