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Uponor is one of the market leaders in the fields of heating, cooling, drinking water delivery and infrastructure. One of our most important goals is to promote innovation in order to improve and continuously enhance the quality of life of people now and for future generations.

OEM Partnership 

Uponor is currently seeking for small to big companies to partner with as an OEM relationship. What this consists of is working in tight knit cross functional teams both internally and externally to provide our designed solutions for your projects. Our main offering to the market are HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) systems for stormwater and waste water applications. We believe HDPE is a superior material for civil infrastructure and aim to convert concrete, steel, fiberglass and other materials to our structurally sound, Weholite product.  

Our engineering and design team will configure and prefabricate systems to meet the exact specifications of your projects. Uponor manufactures pump stations/wet wells to above and underground tanks for various applications. Partner with Uponor as your official manufacturer of HDPE systems, please inquire via email: NAinfra-sales@uponor.com


Uponor also supports construction companies and general contractors in all stages of a construction project. From the planning and construction, to the coordination of the logistics up to the commissioning.

In construction projects, important decisions are made long before the first design is drawn. In this concept and planning phase, Uponor supports investors, developers and construction service providers to find the right solution for their project. By calculating the expected investment and operating costs, Uponor creates a secure financial basis for your project.

History of Uponor

  • From a carpentry workshop to a global player
  • From a producer of cast iron pipes to a leading plastic pipe manufacturer
  • From finnish origin to production facilities in Europe, America and Asia


Overview of nearly 100 years of Uponor