• Enriching peoples lives
    Enriching people's lives

    Uponor is in the business of improving daily life for people and societies.

    Enriching people's lives
  • Partnering with professionals
    Partnering with professionals

    Uponor offers construction professionals uncompromising quality and leading-edge expertise.

    Partnering with professionals
  • Water is the source of life
    Water is the source of life

    Uponor’s plastic pipe systems for clean and used water meet stringent environmental standards.

    Water is the source of life
  • Tailor-made solutions which make everything possible
    Tailor-made solutions which make everything possible

    We have a team of experienced people who daily focus on solving your challenges. Infra Tunnels, large warehouses and industrial solutions are just a few examples of what we can offer.

    Uponor Infra customized solutions

Enriching people's way of life

Uponor is an international market leader, striving to provide better plumbing, indoor climate and infrastructure solutions across Europe, North America and in selected international markets. In close partnership with building industry professionals we are continuously seeking out innovative ways to ensure our systems offer the most efficient, reliable and high-performing solutions available to residential and commercial structures around the globe.

All our solutions are designed to enrich people’s way of life: fast and easy to install, conserving water and energy, providing comfort and health, and giving peace of mind.

Uponor Infra Ltd

Uponor Infra Ltd is the manufacturer of Weholite and Sclairpipe high density polyethylene (HDPE) piping systems.  These systems are the ideal solutions for potable water, sanitary wastewater and culvert rehabilitation applications.     

Weholite is a large diameter HDPE piping system with sizes ranging from 18” to 132” ID. Weholite is the ideal solution for all gravity pressure applications. Weholite has been proven to be the ideal choice for sanitary wastewater and culvert rehabilitation applications due to the lightweight and long lasting material properties of WeholiteSclairpipe is manufactured in sizes ranging from 4” to 63” ID and is being used worldwide for potable water applications.

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Uponor Infra's Online Calculator

Uponor Infra's online calculator evaluates your selection or recommends the best pipe size and grade to suit the hydraulic capacity, internal pressures, pressure surges, thermal factors and burial conditions of your application.

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