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Stormwater and waste water HDPE infrastructure applications

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Uponor Infra Ltd. manufactures HDPE Weholite and Sclairpipe products for a range of infrastructural applications. Uponor's goal is to encourage and sustain a healthy human environment.  

"Uponor is a leading international provider of plastic based piping systems for buildings and infrastructure.
We provide safe drinking water delivery systems, energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling and reliable infrastructure solutions.
We are committed to sustainability and solutions that enrich people’s way of life. This is how we build confidence."

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Integral Infrastructure

Uponor Infra has been manufacturing Weholite

and Sclairpipe products in North America for more than 30 years, with a focus on safety, quality and innovation. Uponor Infra has become the number one choice in various applications such as wastewater management, run-of-the-river water mains, storm water management, rainwater harvesting, etc. Uponor provides comprehensive technical support for creative, innovative and optimal designs. water industry. The lightness and structural strength of Weholite is the result of more than 30 years of research and development in materials science and structural engineering design. What this means for our customers is robust technical solutions that are abrasion and corrosion resistant, with over 100 years of service life.
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